Jorge Carrillo

Holigral Method Facilitator, Technical Coordinator


  • Starts 04 Sep 2021
  • Time 7 PM (IST)
  • Duration 90 Minutes

Jorge Carrillo

Holigral Method Facilitator, Technical Coordinator

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Topic : Healing Trauma as way to Attain Authentic self

Date : 04 Sep 2021

Trainer Bio

  • My journey into psychology, human development and organisational training emerges from a personal experience in business innovation and interest in eastern philosophy. From this I trained myself in NLP and later, pioneering the emergence of EFT (Tapping) in Mexico,
  • I began my training into the Holigral Method, my present and definitive field of practice given its potential and ability to adapt into any kind of human need, both personal and organizational. With a +10 years as facilitator I now work delivering deep transformational retreats and supporting work at leadership levels in business, family and social environments.
  • I have a personal interest of delivering my work as a facilitator, mentor and trainer .
  • I´m presently helping first line of COVID hospitals by providing on-line stress management tools and coaching to medical, nurses and administrative staff. Another project I´m involved is by helping a barter system business..

Session Outcome


     Understanding on how definitory events (trauma) structure our sense of reality. A fractal approach to hierarchical structures of self.

     Emergence and Psychoactivity as a mean to release unconscious mind structures to allow for understanding, healing and integrating life force.

     Brief demonstration/training into the issue buster. An emergent processing tool to allow understanding of any issue through seven perspectives.